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Similar to INSSIDER

I've yet to work out why Apple banned the INSSIDER app years ago, and still bans any app that tries to do a simple survey of your WiFi environment.

I'd be happy with a display just of:

SSIDs of all local WiFis, their signal strengths and channel numbers.

To survey the garden and house extremities with, so I can set up my WiFi to avoid too much collision with neighbours.

But that's too much for Apple's po-faced thought police.

Due to Apple's intransigence I have to carry a laptop around to do the survey.

Another one is Apple's resistance to allowing any kind of video camera being connected to the data socket of a iThing. Many Android handset have OTG so you can use a sub-£10 long-cabled endoscope for DIY. With Apple you need an expensive Wifi endoscope £50+.

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