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Hollywood: stop wrecking something good!

Do you know why you still remember some artists like Abba and Elvis? Or why certain movies turned out into classics? Because they stopped at their peek. People didn't try to milk the franchise dry, but they stopped and it kept the memories alive.

All this "Search for more money" mockery does is kill the franchise. Instead of thinking back at the good stuff people now reflect to the most recent stuff. And if that most recent stuff is horrid then their memories of the entire franchise get stained. Thank you Hollywood for destroying even more good childhood memories!

Just because something was awesome back then (ThunderCats, Masters of the Universe, Ghost in the Shell, Inspector Gadget (now focusing on my personal main interest of animation)) doesn't automatically mean that it'll be awesome again when it's remade. I think Ghost in the Shell is a prime example of this: the new GiTS series (Arise, released under Spielberg) wasn't bad but it also lacked the quality and depth of the originals (and it made me cringe at seeing how often Kusanagi managed to get herself hacked, even though it was hinted at time and time again that she was already Wizard class in her teens).

I get the impression that Hollywood doesn't get the obvious: all those blasts from the past were awesome because they were new and different. Stop doing re-runs, try to actually work for your money by coming up with something actually creative for a change.

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