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A bit harsh

Now, I did go see Ghostbusters about an hour before it, so someone hammering nails through my sensitive parts would seem enjoyable by comparison, but the review does seem to be a bit of a stab at a film that isn't that bad.

I mean, it's not a Trek film, neither have the last two, nor arguably the last Generations one, but, it's about on par with the rebooted franchise, the spacey action sequences are about the same and the action's about the same - too close/fast/cut to be able to see what's going on, but as I watched Into Darkness this morning I'd have to say they're about on par for the franchise (and most movies these days).

There's an obligatory action beat whether it's needed or not (but, not giant rolly tentacle monsters loose on Han's ship for no real reason bad) but a nice nod to Leonard Nimoy (if maybe a little too over done).

But yeah, Trek's long since dead, and, for weird creature wandering around wearing it's face, it's about what you'd expect, far from an unwatchable steaming pile of dung, but far from a Trek movie too, maybe if they'd just rename it to "generic action movie in space" that'd solve alot of the problems with it..

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