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"Absolutely correct. But the same applies to on-prem kit too: If the PSU in your PABX goes bang, you're stuffed until a replacement/fix arrives."

Actually not: First of all you can have a whole second PBX as a compete spare sitting around... which isn't particularly expensive. Then most PBXes use standard ATX power supplies you can find everywhere. They also use common PC components and since most of the appliances run Linux, you can simply swap the mainboard and it'll just boot.

Second: Most appliance PBXes are also available as "Software Only" solutions where you get some ISO-image and just boot it up. Since they don't require any special hardware, you can simply install them on any virtual host you want.

And again, your problem probably won't be that your system will be fully down. Your problem in such situation will be, that occasionally the voice quality will be bad. Or that your uplink will be saturated by internal calls (not every hosted PBX leaves the voice streams locally as in a world of NAT, that's actually a hard problem).

So essentially it is a stupid idea to use a hosted PBX. There's way more things that can and will fail, and far less things you can fix or even diagnose.

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