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I have fun with the scammers...

When they direct me to download either TeamView or the Ammyy client, I pretend to visit the site but then tell them I'm getting a 404 error. They then try & walk me through the steps to make sure my internet is connected, & Google or (nearly) anywhere else has no problem. But those two sites aren't available no matter what they want me to do. The scammer then gets frustrated & tries to berate me, but I gleefully point out that THEY called ME to report a problem with my computer so it should come as NO surprise that there's a *Gasp!* problem with my computer. I string them along as long as possible, pretending to be completely technicly inept one moment or unable to get the computer to do what they ask, or the browser refuses to load a site or download a file or resolves to Youtube instead (it's fun to play cat videos to them), & generally waste as much of their time as possible.

The calls usually end in the scammer screaming the air blue with profanities even a pirate would find disturbing, ranting & raving & foaming at the brain in fury at me having wasted their time, & me laughing my arse off.

I wonder if I should let on that I've got sites like TV & Ammyy listed in my HOSTS file & therefore can't access them from this computer at all?

*Maniacal cackle*

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