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You what's not nice? That we have to actually care about such things.

A) At what point does {whatever} equality* start being normal?

B) At what point do we stop with "positive/negative/right/left/upsidefown discrimination" and people can start doing the jobs they actually want to do in life without having to worry that if they born with the wrong {thing that is measured to determine group status} they'll have a harder time getting a job?

*And how do we measure {whatever} equality? Is it only equal is {group} is represented the same amount as {other group}? Is it equal if the representation roughly parallels the proportion of {group} in society? Which {group}s do we count? Why {group}1 and not {group}2? Do we only count against the perceived "dominant" {group}? Who determines when the "dominant" {group} stops being dominant? Do we then have to change against which {group} everything is measured?

Prejudice just sucks all over. Why can't we all just treat eachother like people? :(

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