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Bill Buchan

FTTC doesn't work in rural shire..

OpenReach just has one solution - the fibre cabinet - and that was designed for urban areas. OpenReach can't even get that right (Exchange only lines, for instance).

Ruralshire suffers a lot more - more than 1.5 miles from the cabinet, and its game over. G-Fast will be even worse. Clearly something different needs to be done in ruralshire and OpenReach just aren't doing it.

What they are doing is dumping fibre cabinets as quickly as they can to scoop up all that lovely taxpayers money we're giving them. The planning for the locations is appalling -the fibre cabinet for Luthermuir, for instance, was dumped 2.2 miles from the village. Only 8 houses get any sort of performance from that fibre cabinet. The 80+ houses in the village - nada. And will never get any better.

Look on the bright side - you can always ask for 'Fibre on Demand' - so you'll pay a shedload of dosh for your own fibre line. Oh - but not in Scotland, where only 30 exchanges are enabled for it. Making the only non-horrendously expensive solution FTTC. So much for the 'On Demand' bit. Gee. Thanks.

Hence the reason we ended up setting up our own WISP.

---* Bill

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