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Not me!!!!

And nor do I welcome their meatbag brothers.

I was assisting an electrician who was doing some re-wiring of a mall store, when we decided to eat lunch in. He was in his company uniform shirt, while I was wearing only a sweaty T shirt. The mall cop walked over to us and told me that "homeless people are not welcome", and that if I didn't leave, he would call the police and have me removed. I ignored him, and he did call the cops. We also called our boss, who arrived only to find me in the back seat of a patrol car.

He (our boss) went straight to the mall management and bitched like hell. They told the cops to let me go. The mall cop tried to apologize (one could see that he really didn't want to do it), as the apology was 'half hearted'. I told the mall management that the only apology that meant anything was one which included the immediate termination of the mall cop. They refused, and we went back to work, finishing the job for the store tenant.

The last I have heard of this mall was it was being torn down because of age, and a slow loss of tenants. I wonder why the tenants left?

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