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Enjoy a pint on me for nailing it in one.

I have no clue as to how other Blind folks manage to use an Android device since even the Accessibility tutorial fails to be accessible: in the lesson on how to enter text into a Text Entry Field (TEF) it wants you to make an up-&-right swipe gesture to trigger the TEF. Except it doesn't matter where you start on the screen it gives the error "Oops. You've missed the [TEF]. Please try again!" There's no way to "touch to explore" like you're supposed to be able to in order to find the TEF in the first place, so there's no way to complete that part of the tutorial. An Accessibility tutorial that doesn't take into account a BLIND person can't see the screen to hit an arbitrary target. Brilliant. Just fekkin brilliant.

Which leaves Apple. The Screen Reader Environment (SRE) is much better & lets you do most things either completely hands free or it'll talk you through how to do things. I've never used it myself but my Assistive Technology instructor swears by Apple as having the best SRE bar none.

But yes, a touch screen is inherently a fucked up concept. A screen we can't see to read, buttons that only exist visually, on screen buttons with zero Haptic feedback to let us know where they are / if we've pressed them / if the device has registered a (entirely virtual) click, and no way to know what the fek is going on unless & until the device deins to talk to us.

Don't even get me started on those fekkin Capacitence buttons - we can't see them to press them, they get pressed even if we don't want to press them, & the device "suddenly goes apeshit" because they've been pressed & give us no clue as to that fact.

It's why I'm still on a Feature phone. I can feel the keypad buttons to press them, the raised dot on the #5 is large enough for my insulin dependant diabetic constantly finger-stuck for blood tests "fat fingers" can find, & the phone has a basic SRE. Granted it could be better, but I'm not about to spend ~$500USD on a "SmartPhone" that's too fekkin stupid to include actual buttons.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go stick my head in a bucket of ice water to cool off. The SmartPhone manufacturer's make me want to beat the shite out of them with a Clue-by-four.

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