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I've recently left Plusnet after over 2 years, for sometime they were okay. But I have found that over the last 12 months or so they are showing themselves (IMHO) to be just a shadow puppet of BT.

In short they make promises that they later retract and deny that they ever made. Year in year out they hike up line rental changes (and have the audacity to claim that they haven't increased the cost of it packages!).

You spend most of your time arguing down the phone and being put on hold for 20 minutes (you know I used to love 80's music but I swear I'll get dragged off in a strait jacket if I hear Heaven17, Robert Palmer or The Human League just one more time).

I would say that at Plusnet the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing but that would be unfair as the left hand would need to know that there is a right hand in the first instance.

I finally after much protracted arguing over contracts with Plusnet migrated across to Origin. At present speeds I think are still stabilising, downloads are a bit slower at present but uploads are around 80% faster, although download is carrying a 10db SNR margin).

It's way too early to comment concerning line speeds, but connection seems very stable (with 10db margin it would be) but service from staff so far is really good. I have a designated person (Dan) handling accounts (even though it is just a home account for each of my 2 adsl lines). When I speak to staff they seem to know what they are talking about ( yes I know they should, but this is polar opposite of my experience with Plusnet).

Oh and I also save a very substantial amount of money doing business with Origin compared to Plusnet.

All in all it is early days but I am extremely happy with Origin so far.

So if you have had enough of your ISP and feel like you are being taken for granted and duped (how I felt with Plusnet) then give Origin a call and ask for Dan, I think you will probably be pleasantly surprised at what they can do.

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