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>QR codes are hopelessly under used here. I'm currently trying to craft one I can stick on the side of

>my motorcycle helmet for first responders:- Basic ID, Blood group,No allergies,Organ Donor and

>emergency phone number.

Right. Because if you're a mangled mess on the road and they've just arrived and are hoping to save your life I can just imagine the situation:

"Whats this QR code for. Anyone got a phone? Lets have a look."

"Oh , doesn't work, anyone got another phone? Yeah, I'll wait a sec ... "

"He's coughing blood, got that phone yet? Android 2.0? You kidding me, that won't work, Mick, what phone you got..."

"Whats this? Unrecognised code... hold on, it got scratched in the crash, there we go!"

"Viola, blood type AB....Shit, he just died."

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