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Learning of the European Commission's "Targeted consultation on the co-ordinated introduction of 5G networks in Europe" on Saturday, two days before it closed, I took it upon myself to respond as a consumer. Clearly, they were not looking for my input: it's framed on the assumption that consumers will get what The Market (or those players in it that have the Commission's ear) deems they want, and like it. So many of the questions were along the lines of "5G may or may not be able to do such-and-such a thing. Are you, dear respondent, prepared to shell out to see whether it can? And would it help if we gave you a bung or preferential treatment?" But the whole point, as the article says, is that, if "5G", which seems rather fixated on high-bandwidth usages, does not address other requirements in a timely manner, a whole succession of end runs will be made around it to meet particular emerging needs. This may or may not be a good thing. In particular, I'm not sure that I like the new bosses listed any more than I like the old bosses.

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