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EU operators’ 5G manifesto misses the point

Roland6 Silver badge

With much gushing about over-the-top-networks and statements like:

"Network slicing is the great 5G disruptor. It creates the ability to dial up virtual, dedicated slices of the network, on-demand, for a particular customer or application, optimized for that usage – and dial them down again when no longer required."

I wonder whether the author actually understands a key issue raised in the 5G Manifesto, namely, that to provide anything other than a standardised consumer-grade QoS to over-the-top-networks or to network slices, potentially changes will need to be made to network neutrality.

I suspect the key question is whether network neutrality rules apply to the carrier/bearer service or just to a specific Internet connection. Ie. On my mobile all streams over the mobile broadband network have to be treated equally, but my device can have a much lower standing with the network and hence can be dropped if a higher value/priority over-the-top/network-slice service wants the bandwidth.

This combined with a clear lack of any real business understanding (for example, the key preoccupations of the MNOs are the preoccupations of any business intending to deploy/upgrade infrastructure) makes the article an irritating read.

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