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macOS Sierra / iOS 10

Quite a few iMacs getting superficially chopped (unsupported) at the next macOS Sierra update.

All of the iMac 24" models, which are still fantastic circa 2008/2009 when fitted with an SSD and have 1920x1200 displays, but only the 2009 model supported displayport output, before that Mini-DVI. Apple have foolishly not provided an update path for these users, no new 24" version.

Shame, so many of these in our offices fell to the nVidia graphics failure that that hit so many PCs too.

iPad 3 and below also getting ditched for upgrades too, so will be interesting to see if it causes any uptick, I'm not hopeful.

Its possible Apple are struggling with the reliability of Skylake processors, like Microsoft have with the Surfacebook

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