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I'm happily using a Mac Pro for my computing needs, but it is a Mac Pro (Mid 2012) with 3.33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon alu boxy thing - I missed the quad-core Mini blowout

my kids who are heading to university have just received "Class-A" ebay refurb (by me) Core-i5 Lenovo X220's, maxed to 16GB ram, added nice SSD's, added nice spare SSD instead of 3G card,

one needed a new IPS panel - £60. one needed a new battery - €82 they just work with Linux Mint, with Win10 as a backup OS.

I saved thousands by not buying MBA's or whatever it is called that only has a single USBC, and I guarantee that no-one at uni will be stealing an old boring lenovo or two, try that with a shiny ULV cpu apple, gone in minutes. . . .

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