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Yes I read the head line for this article and concluded that the author doesn't really know :

  • what a DBA does
  • the various user friendly ad-hoc access tools already available for databases
  • the history of user friendly ad-hoc access tools, the first I heard about was called COmmon Business-Oriented Language, and then another Structured Query Language (**1)

The long and the short of this being that either: the tool is fairly easy to use in which the case the DBA (or more likely database developer) will end up writing the more complex requirements; or it isn't in which case it will spaff off another layer of SIEUFERD developers (or maybe the DBA or developers just pick this work up).

(**1) Look at the capitalization to work out what we tend to call these user friendly tools these days, and these were first "touted" as not requiring programmers.

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