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'We shall overcome' net neutrality, sing Euro telcos in the key of 5Gs

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Err the problem is slightly different.

From the 5G Manifesto, it is clear their intention is to run a single physical network for all services which gives rise the problem:

Automated driving, smart grid control, virtual reality and public safety services are examples of use cases with distinguished characteristics which call for a flexible and elastic configuration of resources in networks and platforms, on a continuous basis, depending on demand, context and the nature of the service.

Put these services on to a physically different network and the net neutrality concerns raised in the Manifesto largely go away.

From a UK perspective, it would seem the decision to shut down the Arqiva network (a physically separate network) and move blue light and other users onto the public access 3~5G networks, will give rise to similar net neutrality conundrums.

The Manifesto can be accessed using this link:

Additionally, there is a consultation that is open until July 11th - so if you didn't have anything planned this weekend :)

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