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I'm afraid they have, they won long ago when all this paranoia kicked off around 2001.

As a photographer my favourite one is being asked by security about what I'm doing for "security purposes" just 'cos I have a professional looking DSLR. As everyone knows, if I was some terrorist nutcase on a recce I would definiately wish to draw attention to myself on every CCTV around me with a huge bag with several grands worth of photo kit in it while I'm sussing out a joint! I wouldn't bring along a mobile phone and shoot pictures while pretending to make a phone call.

Much as I'd love to kick off at an airport about how stupid the "security theatre" is I suspect I'd be in the inspection room, strip searched with 3 burly security staff around me and awaiting my solictor before I could even finish the first sentance of my rant. Security staff don't have any sense of humour and they don't take too kindly to anyone mocking their "security pantomime", so for the sake of my rear-end and diginity, I'll simply keep my mouth shut until a suitable time when I know I can vent and rant about how daft most of this is.

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