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'We shall overcome' net neutrality, sing Euro telcos in the key of 5Gs


In The USA, Congress, and state legislatures have written multiple laws that actually prevent anyone else from intruding into the domain of the TELCOs.

Local governments here cannot create a system that allows Co-Ops to provide Internet service.

The statement that if the telco's don't roll out 5G someone else will, isn't true in the USA.

Here, unless you have the vast amounts of money and power to take the Monopolists head on, it won't happen,

Many Rural folks, myself included, living a mile or less from where cable stopped 20 years ago, will never have fiber, will never have high speed internet and rely of wireless at $10-$15 dollar a gig running at speeds of less than 1MPS.

Writting to senators, congressclowns and local politicians produce nothing but laughter in the halls of government.

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