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I appear to be in a minority but why are we so willing to accept the situation where a bit of plastic in the back pocket is seen as a legitimate cause for concern?

Yes, the guy's an idiot because its a stupid looking case - you'd have thought that anyone old enough for a phone has grown out of their love of toy guns, but is it any more sensible to imagine that someone with malicious intent is going to act like this? Ask him to put it in his checked bag and not to do it again because it slows down security checks. Actually I'd be curious to know which bit of the "gun" causes concern. Is it the handle, which is fairly non-lethal, or the metal barrel bit, which is iphone shaped? If all you need to do to get a gun through security is make it oblong with rounded corners, we're in serious trouble. If security can easily deal with this sort of thing, why are the police making a big deal of it? I forget the name for it, but I do expect trained security and police not to fall for the fallacy of intensely fearing the unusual out of all proportion to its likelihood.

To put it in perspective, do we fear this sort of thing at an airport more than outside Morrissons? Would the police act differently there than at the airport? Surely we should expect that the standard security processes at airports will catch someone trying to take a real gun on an aircraft, which means we don't need to invoke an extraordinary response outside of those processes, unless those processes are useless and don't do what they are supposed to do. If he's trying to get his toy around a scanner, or something like that, that's the time to take a "special interest" in him.

Admittedly in the US the police are likely to shoot you with or without a gun-shaped case, so that isn't going to help you there, but I'd rather hope that our saner security methods mean we can cope with childish phone cases without making an incident of it.

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