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"IIRC the American excuse at the time was "it had a flag we didn't recognise", this despite the fact that the vehicles had fluorescent markings that could be seen from 14,000 ft."

It had the fluorescent panel of the day correct and a UK flag. When i was in Beirut I had a massive French flag above me and was 5 stories above the Americans. I was doing the same as they were in that I was tracking shelling that was coming in to about fifty meters from us. I just wanted to cover them as they were down in a hole and very exposed, I can still see them now.

There is some very nasty video out there from the first Gulf war that shows American chopper pilots being ordered to take out there own men on a flank of a unit. The pilots knew they were US troops but were ordered to take them out anyway despite many arguments to and fro. In the end the commanding officer of the pilots said he would do it and as he hosed them down he said we are going to regret this. After a short time they were told to cease fire as they were firing on friendly troops.

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