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Not a single telco is ever going to pull out. Forget about it. They might threaten with it, but in the end they will want the revenue. And if they DO pull out, market forces will make another company stand up and fill in the gap. In the end with cartels like this it'll end up with all of them saying to the other guys: "We need to make good on our threats, you pull out first" in hopes of being the last one standing and taking all of the cake.

This is a power play, and if this victory is given to the Telco's we can kiss goodbye to the roughly reasonable network pricing we have so far enjoyed in the EU (compared to the US anyway). And it will have a knock on effect on the cabled broadband/fiber market because all large internet providers are either owned by the large Telco moguls or in very very close alliance with them.

We are getting forcefully bent over in preparation. Lets not let things go any further.

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