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"Or Shooty McShootFirst - ask questions later."

The military equivalent is halt who went there?

Long story but whilst aiding a pair of US marines in Beirut in the eighties, they called a helicopter gunship in to take me out. That was despite me standing under the flag of their allies and pointing it out, despite me pointing at very unusual rifle and green beret and despite me assuring them on radio in queens English that I would give them top cover.

Luckily bubba flying the helicopter recognised me for what I was and turned from guns on to a salute out of the window.

From then on I never knowingly aided an America soldier as I deemed it as a risk that was not worth taking. Sadly a policy of blue on blue is unavoidable with these people.

During the first gulf war the French army would not accept any air cover whatsoever from the Americans. I found that out from the father of a lad killed when the American air force took out a well marked UK Warrior vehicle. The father in question wistfully said to me "I wish my son had been in the French army".

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