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"So.... why are people really bothered? Because now they have to pay for what they use?"

First rule of any Reg comments section about a Microsoft article - regardless of the contents of the article, you must jump on this chance to slag off Microsoft.

If they are removing something broken, then you must complain that you use this feature all the time, regardless of the fact that everyone knows it is broken and anyone using it is an idiot.

If they are integrating an otherwise separate feature into the main operating system, you must complain that you don't want it to be integrated because now it is filling up your computer with unwanted crap, even if it doesn't install by default,

If they are making something easier, complain that it is spammy. If they are making something harder, complain that it is too complex. If they are giving away free cake, complain that they are trying to bribe people. If they set up a hospital specifically to nurse seriously injured puppies back to health, argue that the puppies deserve to die.

Attempt to fit the word 'sheeple' in if possible, even though it makes anyone using it sound like a total dickhead from a 1996 conspiracy theory. Announce that the Great Migration to Mint is now certain, because that makes it clear you know nothing about either Linux generally or Mint specifically. Make some general comments that haven't been true since about 1993; in particular, a long rambling critique of how much you hate Terminal Services or MSDOS 3.1 will be prized and earn you much status. Screaming with rage about some specific Visual Basic bug from Office '97 that was fixed years ago is also a bonus.

Maybe try and claim that Apple would never do something like this, despite the fact that Apple pull shit like this constantly on iOS. For extra points, post some videos of Steve Jobs at one of his cultish events, probably while launching some hideously locked-down, overpriced piece of crap that no-one in their right mind would try to use for serious work. Do not mention the Watch.

Fail to comply with these rules and you'll get like a million downvotes. Remember, even if MS are dong something good, they have been making all our lives hell in dozens of ways for 20+ years, so their natural relationship with the average Reg commentard is a deep and abiding distrust.

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