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The truth about Silent Circle's super-secure, hyper-privacy phones: No one's buying them

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Agreed. There is a market for this phone but on paper it's not worth the money.

They would be better off partnering with OnePlus or another similar company and taking their already solid value phones and hardening them.

Truth be told I'm only concerned about skiddies in coffee shops pwning me with droidsheep and interceptor-ng and those are pretty easy to defend against with an SSH tunnel.

Signal is sufficient for encrypting texts and (never thought I'd say this) WhatsApp seems to sufficient for encrypting IM.

Anything sensitive I store on an encrypted OTG thumb drive.

As for malware. Malware bytes has a reasonable android app (as long as you turn off real-time scanning unless battery life isn't a concern).

With that I can install an app, run a quick scan and have the crap cleared out (if there is any).

I'm starting to wonder if the whole Android Malware-geddon talk is just a concept rather than a reality because as far as I can tell (with random packet auditing, malware scans and general CVE awareness) I've never been infected. Nor has anyone I know personally.

The only people I ever hear of actually being infected are the mid-range crowd using 'bargain' Android devices with strange versions of Android.

Not even the pikey bottom end users get hit that often. Probably because their phones are so under powered and starved for storage space the whole process is rendered impractical.

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