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App-V birthday to you, Win10: Virty tools baked in Anniversary update

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Everyone is aware that AppV and UE-V are enterprise level application packaging, deployment and management technologies not individual consumer level tools?

Barring AppV/ClickToRun being the delivery method for Personal/Home Premium/University Office 365 desktop Office applications, AppV was only ever available via Software Assurance. The Software Assurance only allowed AppV/UE-V to be used on Windows Enterprise desktops - any Windows Professional, Home/Home Premium/Core machines wouldn't be covered by SA and therefore shouldn't have had AppV/UE-V on them in the first place.

Individuals 'bolting for the Penguin' is all well and good, hope its working out for you but they wouldn't be affected by the whole AppV/UE-V clients moving out of MDOP to Win 10 Enterprise/Education in the first place.

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