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First I want to say I disagree with you, but your comment is one of the best pro-EU comments I have read.

"not a single argument brought forth by the leave campaign that was not an outright lie"

Very true. The official leave and remain campaigns were complete FUD and very shameless about it. Regardless of the result it was an embarrassment. Whoever lost could blame their official campaign for being shoddy but whoever won would surely have the same feeling.

"Even Mr Farage, when confronted with undeniable facts, counter-attacks criticizing his opponents hair cut, attire or sex appeal, the bloke's full of shit! A clown, entertainer, not a responsible elected politician."

While I agree with entertaining I do wonder what examples you are thinking of (not saying there wont be any). Out of all he conducted the most honest campaign and pre the referendum it was the truth and honesty from him that forced a referendum in the first place. I dont doubt he has insulted people just as he has been consistently since becoming a threat to the EU and our membership.

"The UK outside of EU does not stand a chance in the global economy"

This gets my goat. Why? Statements like this are rubbish but never seem to need qualifying. The EU is faltering in the global economy and is a global economic threat but thats about it. Also we might not get a say in the EU but so what? The EU is a small part of the world. One in perpetual crisis with others looking for the door.

The rest of your comment I can accept concerning the common market and all that. But do we care? If they dont want us in the common market thats their choice, we can deal with the world. This matters much more than the isolationist EU and while some people want to remain in the cartel, globalists dont. We would like access to the common market to the benefit of us all, but not at our expense. And we still want to trade with the EU regardless, so the terms are their problem.

"So basically, if you voted leave, you do not understand the issue, it is as simple as that - don't believe me ?"

Not necessarily. My view on leave is a large range of issues with the EU. Interestingly a lot of the leave views may be incompatible with each other but yet the best option is to vote out as it is the only way to have any hope of making a change in that direction. This is why the argument that it was a right wing Brexit was demolished quickly as the left were also wanting out for the same reasons with different ideas of the ideal outcome. The economic issue was also a huge problem as the EU has a huge economic problem. While some people show no understanding (brexit or bremain) others do. As with your views on the trade area seem informed but a different view to mine. I dont think you dont understand the issue, you just have a different view when you apply your reasoning to it than I do.

"we do not have houses of hereditary lards"

I guess thats a spelling mistake but I did laugh. I dont recall voting for a president though. Also his recent comments about brexiters abandoning the sinking ship and not proposing leave terms/article 50 are concerning. Only the PM can do that. But he doesnt seem to understand. Just as Junker doesnt seem to realise Farage is still there because it is his job. And if the will of the people is carried out then he wont be there. Only by the sheer anti-democratic action of others does he keep his job.

"We return to zero."

That assumes our position is zero. It really isnt by a long shot.

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