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Prominent Brit law firm instructed to block Brexit Article 50 trigger

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> Quite honestly I don't see why so many reg commentators are pro remain?

Quite honestly, there has not been a single, I repeat, not a single argument brought forth by the leave campaign that was not an outright lie - not a single one.

When Boris says something, I, like many other comment@rds on here, check the facts ... shit, we are well educated people who have learned to read, been to uni, got highly paid jobs ... we are not bricklayer pensioners with as much common sense as a male praying mantis.

Don't get me wrong, I hate the posh with a passion and always fight, in my spare time, for the rights of the working class, but in Holland, France, and Germany, too many times, working class people tend to repeat, like the proles in 1984, what they hear "populist" politicians say - it is the same in the UK.

Even Mr Farage, when confronted with undeniable facts, counter-attacks criticizing his opponents hair cut, attire or sex appeal, the bloke's full of shit! A clown, entertainer, not a responsible elected politician.

The UK outside of EU does not stand a chance in the global economy. The UK will never again get what it has today, a say (MEP's), access to the common market without taking any risks (euro vs pound), or without paying what it's due, as compared to France or Germany, or, more importantly, refusing free movement of people. The free movement of people and goods is at the heart of the EU, you cannot pick and choose that its either both or nothing.

What this referendum means is that you do not want to have British MEP's (hence you do not want to have a say), yet you want access to the common market - this means that the UK will have to implement European directives AND accept European immigrants to be able to freely export goods produced in the UK to the EU - note that banking passporting rights are central to the UK's economy, not sure you will retain those, even if the UK accepts to implement European directives to get access to the common market ... just saying.

Via the EU, a British voter has more "sovereignty" over his country (and the whole of the EU) by electing his MEP than he has his MP, mainly, because, well, in the EU, we do not have houses of hereditary lards, but an elected president of the commission and parliament.

So basically, if you voted leave, you do not understand the issue, it is as simple as that - don't believe me ?


"Any agreement, which will be concluded with the UK as a third country, will have to be based on a balance of rights and obligations. Access to the single market requires acceptance of all four freedoms."

The "four freedoms" that underlie the EU's internal market are the freedom of movement of goods, workers, services and capital.

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin told BBC Newsnight that once Britain had made its proposals, "everything" would be on the table.

"We will negotiate all these aspects with a desire to come to an agreement."

But Britain would not be in the same position as it was beforehand, he said.

"We return to zero."

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