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And vice versa, our area voted overwhelming to stay.

Your area voted 52% to leave. Maybe the bit of that area where you live had another view, but that's not how the referendum was run.

Put it another way, 57% of Londoners voted for Sadiq Khan as Mayor. Just because people in Barnet voted for Zac Goldsmith doesn't change the result, because it wasn't run on borough lines. London voted for Khan.

Interestingly, if the EU referendum had been counted on a consitituency basis, the results would have been very different. Of the 399 'regions' (parliamentary constituences weren't used) 270 voted to Leave, and 130 to Remain. That's a 67% vote in favour of Leave, which in a general election would be called a landslide victory. It's bigger than Tony Blair got in 1997 (63%) or Margaret Thatcher in 1983 (61%), despite including Scotland (100% of regions voting for Remain) and N. Ireland (56% of regions voting to Remain).

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