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But what kind of capacity does their network have out to the wider internet?

Much like corporate networks, I doubt that this system would have the backbone connection to actually support more than a small handful of users going full-tilt at 10 Gb/s. Hell, I doubt that they could support more than a dozen users at 1 Gb...

True, but it depends on who they're peering with and whether they collaborate and get hold of a Netflix OpenConnect Appliance, etc. If they're able to peer with a few big CDNs and get a few appliances/servers internal to their network, their actual (paid for) Tier 1 network connectivity can be kept quite manageable.

B4RN in the UK runs a 20Gbps backbone out of each 192-user node (all on 1Gbps connections), so that's a node contention rate of ~10-1. Overnight, you might actually get 1Gbps, but even if everyone is hammering away you should still get 100Mbps, which is 30% faster than the theoretical maximum of 76Mbps for BT's Infinity 2 product (and I'd bet BT's infinity cabinets are running on a damn sight higher contention than 10-1).

B4RN's fibre link to the IXP runs DWDM, so from memory, they can theoretically scale it to ~36 channels of 10Gbps - which would give ~360Gbps, which maintains the 10-1 contention for the ~3000 properties they designed the network for.

However, despite that 10-1 contention rate in the network, as far as the outbound connectivity goes though, they only have a single 10Gbps connection to a Tier 1 provider. Manchester has a good datacentre community so they've got excellent settlement-free peering opportunities to the BBC (iPlayer), Amazon, Netflix, Apple, MS, etc, etc which is where the other few hundred Gbps goes.

By the looks of it, Detroit-IX has Akamai and Google, which is a damn good start (although curiously Rocket Fibre aren't on their peering list?).

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