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"The Right Thing, surely, would the MPs to wait until there is an exit agreement to put before the nation and then go to a general election with that as the outcome. It is the single biggest issue and so worthy of a political commitment."

Apart from being against the will and rules of the EU this has a huge problem- it will be another fixed event. In this country we have a majority vote leave. The remain campaign was run by the government, the same institution which has sold us to the EU while offering a referendum nearly every election (then refusing to). Our PM made such extravagant claims of doom if we leave that his claim of WW3 has been almost as funny as Brown defeating boom and bust.

And then we have the EU who want us to remain. Not enough to change but enough to claim it as the end of western civilisation if we leave. So who will do an honest negotiation? UKIP probably would but they are not in power and Farage excluded explicitly from the negotiations (good job he is still an MEP to hold them to account) and I cant imagine the EU would considering a bad deal is a win for them.

It would be another dodgy set up from the same group who have lied and ignored the electorate and are still trying to do it. The will of the people was asked and the result is given. How many times must they be asked? Until we give the 'right' answer?

Apparently we voted exit due to lies. The remain argument was all lies. The remain camp also had the EU on their side and roped in the US president to give a desperate speech. The remain side was the government who promised to punish us with an emergency budget nobody thought necessary at all. The vote registration site crashed an hour early and so had an extra 2 days with even more propaganda pushed and the death of an MP was shamelessly exploited. Various organisations put out amusing and interesting claims of economic doom if we left which all seemed suspiciously similar and fanciful.

With the scales so badly tilted against the exit side the result still came through. But yet some people still want a rerun or to refuse the democratic vote or somehow impose their vision of the perfect world on all those barbarians too stupid to understand. The result the PM promised to honour as soon as the result was in. The exit he claimed to be able and willing to negotiate.

We need to invoke article 50. If the current lot are not committed or capable of handling the exit then we need a GE to choose the people to negotiate as we feel is right.

I have said before that this is the perfect opportunity for the remain people who want to trade with the world (including EU) should get together with the leave people who also want global trade (not just EU) and go for it. Otherwise the remain group are likely to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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