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Detroit Rock(et Fiber) City: Startup brings 10Gb service to Motown


I'd like to know how they can provide cost-effective competitive broadband AND that level of service AND still turn a profit.

Probably something to do with containing their initial effort in a 3-square mile area, meaning they're never more than a couple of minutes from an issue with no distant customers and don't need any particularly esoteric optics.

Throw in the usage of cheaper enterprise-grade hardware rather than telco grade (I don't know if they do, but it would make sense - worked for B4RN) and Bob's your mother's brother.

Whilst telcos like BT are burning millions on (genuinely clever research) trying to work out how to squeeze 300Mbps down 20 metres of phone wire, the fibre startups are just cutting to the chase, accepting the CAPEX of laying fibre onto the premises which can then be upgraded from 1Gb to 10Gb, to more (with xWDM) simply through a change in existing, off-the-shelf optics, giving them a negligible $/Mb cost.

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