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The global fun in Great Games/the deep ducking and raw diving is only started ......

amanfromMars Mon 4 Jul 09:57 [1607040957] ….. saying an uncomfortable truth unto powers that may wannabe on

Conclusion: A lack of legal consequences for obvious malfeasance on the part of Hillary and her husband will contribute to further polarization and loss of confidence in US civil society. It is, in fact, a signal that society is changing rapidly.

That conclusion, DB, is also the truth for UKGBNI should the shortly to be published Chilcot report not deliver blame and shame where it is due, and prosecutions for malfeasance in office and aiding and abetting war crimes.

Failure to justly address such issues, is responsible for the inexorable rise of home grown terrorism and the export/import of foreign expertise in the effective strategic and tactical planning against catastrophically vulnerable systems and politically incorrect bodies which can easily also be the clinical targeting of political personnel.

And, if one thinks logically about such matters, if one has a problem with the likes of a Saddam Hussein, former head honcho in charge of Iraq, get rid of the problem but don't destroy an oppressed nation of forced into servitude innocents in the process, unless you want to prove yourself a war criminal with ulterior motives best kept hidden from mainstream view and general knowledge.

However, that certainly DOES shift the spotlight of accountability and responsibility firmly onto those politicians and media darlings surely responsible for such shenanigans, where formerly they may have expected a full immunity and the crazy freedom to act with impunity. That aint possible in a smarter world, is it, for such is the height of stupidity, is it not? And it is globally proven to be counter-productive, age after age after age. Wage a war and you are a warmonger. It aint rocket science, is it? And is it foolish and/or madness to not expect to be personally targeted for retribution and punishment, by all and any means and memes possible, if one be guilty of such a crime against humanities, if dodgy established systems in incumbent systems are perversely designed to allow ongoing corruption and future destructions?

Would bots rule in systems admins and exercise command and control any worse than the pathetic psychopath and apathetic human, Flocke Kroes? And would that be akin to AI flexing its virtual muscles and making itself known to interesting and/or interested parties?

There's a lot going on out there and in the here and now and nothing at all usual/traditional and conventional.

Y'all might like to consider that CyberSpace rules the Roost and runs Pilots and Plots, and more than just a lot.

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