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Theres some hope out there, maybe we will be made welcome and recognized as a asset to the country we've chosen to relocate to, because the one we left behind certainly can't be relied on to have our backs :-

Me and my wife think this whole mess is the kick up the backside for us to finally take nationality as we're both eligible for the naturalization process now having tax returns for well over the required period, although I need to work on my spoken french grammer, as its a bit peppered with slang as that's what I use around my mates and I don't talk proper like I oughta. Before the vote we were turned away by the prefecture when we had the papers before the referendum because it wasn't needed they said. We went back the day after the brexit vote, and they accepted the prepared forms immediately, and the queue was full of english expats doing the same. I know of many who aren't so lucky/haven't filed tax returns required etc, so there's going to be a lot of people heading back if things don't get sorted out.

Its a brave new world, I need to get my legal status fully insulated from party politics just in case le pen gains ground, get all my remaining assets out of sterling, and then I'll sit back and buy popcorn and watch from a distance at what happens when article 50 is finally triggered.

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