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@ David Webb

"what he has done is lie his way into a leave vote using fear, hate and a complete lack of anything other than contempt for truth"

That might be your interpretation but his honesty over the EU got us the referendum and for those interested in facts instead of the official campaign FUD (of both sides) he was about it. The remain campaign existed entirely of fear, hate and complete lack of truth so thats not really much of an argument beyond how embarrassing this referendum was.

"with the leavers pulling back on every promise with a "well, it wasn't really a promise"

The official camp did yeah. UKIP aint in charge. They cant make promises unless they are voted in. UKIP and Nigel were excluded from the official campaign. Didnt Cameron promise to execute the will of the people once the vote was made? Didnt he promise us WW3? What time does that start? Or maybe we should trust the EU president who claimed its the end of western civilisation? Didnt Osborne promise to punish the wrong answer with an emergency budget he absolutely needed to do?

"the entire thing was a "lets put it to the vote to try and get a few more concessions out of the EU""

I am not convinced since Cameron tried that and throughout has been told- No. The EU didnt want to budge nor fix their crisis and we voted out. Now they are hoping to hold things together.

You can be bitter about the result of the vote, plenty of us are irritated at the lack of political spine to do as was promised and brexit. Nigel did as he set out to do and got us a referendum.

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