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Let me remind you that the petition was started by a Brexit campaigner pre-referendum in case his side lost by a couple of percent the other way. And that Farage was the first to suggest a second referendum if his side were to lose by a couple of percent.

So Leave campaigners wingeing about people wanting this to this happen when the vote went the other way are being, to say the least a bit hypocritical. Especially when that small percentage majority to leave is made up of people who had been told, wrongly, that it would give millions to the NHS every week, though not that this would be a tiny proportion of the NHS budget or the loss to the economy that pays for the NHS, even if it were true. Or that we'd be able to send home lots of foreigners, whose presence they resented and still keep trading the way we used to. Or that industry would be free of "red tape" without being told what that "red tape" was or that it's largely here to protect us. Or that we'd be able to get rid of those European Human Rights, as if they weren't our human rights too.

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