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@ Dan 55

"Between those three, there should have been at least one exit plan"

The tories are in power and Cameron is in charge so UKIP having an exit plan (fairly sure they do) is irrelevant especially as Nigel has been excluded from the leave talks. Since Cameron was going to remain in charge Cameron should have had a backup plan, but his plans ended at shouting the end of the world, and unless he vanished nobody else would get a look in. Can you imagine any tory crowing about an exit plan, Osborne and Cameron would do anything to scupper it.

The good news is we just need them to execute the will of the people (exit the EU!) and come the next GE we have reason to actually vote for someone competent. Looks like labour are trying to shake up their ranks and maybe the tories will too. And whoever we vote will be able to actually run the country and be accountable.

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