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That program missed the key detail.

That the ratification of the Lisbon treaty in UK law should have specifically granted the power to the prime minister to suspend and revoke the 1972 law and any law that amends it. The executive branch in UK (and most countries actually) law NEVER EVER gets implicit powers to revoke laws. Any such power has to be explicitly named and explicitly enumerated, period.

The parliament _DID_ _NOT_ give the prime minister that power when ratifying the Lisbon Treaty. He has the power to serve the notice, but he does not have any of the powers required to prepare that notice so it is legally binding.

So frankly, a well supported legal challenge will very quickly find to that result. The fact that two of the prime contenders for the crown of the Tory party have spent a significant time in the the last two governments massively pissing off the members of the legal profession by trampling the law any way they can has nothing to do with that... Or may be not...

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