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Prominent Brit law firm instructed to block Brexit Article 50 trigger

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Anonymous Coward

> If article 50 needs a vote or act it will get it or there will be hell to pay.

Not really - as long as the act is put before parliament and passes.

Now, if it goes before parliament and is rejected, that is another matter...

In any case, one presumes that there will be much frantic negotiating with other countries before this button is pressed - so that we know that whatever the outcome over negotiations for access to the European single market, we will at least have some trade deals with the rest of the world in our pockets.

(The EU have said no market access without freedom of movement, as it's a cornerstone of their political dream; but people who voted to leave apparently did so *because* of freedom of movement. That doesn't seem to leave much room for a settlement. And as for the financial services passport, that's toast too, as the EU won't be able to show anything in return. So we'd better find something else worth having).

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