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"The EU is far more democratic than Her Maj's government" -

You cannot be serious.

The EU laws are decided upon and drawn up by an unelected council. The elected members only get to vote on whether it passes or fails (they might have a right to amend, I'm not sure).

But given that they are all career politicians (at best), looking for a notch up the ladder of the bourgeoisie, nothing ever gets rejected.

So no, it's the opposite of democratic in practice when it comes to legislation.

Neither was it democratic for the EU council to insist on the removal of the greek prime minister during the financial issues, and instead replaced him with one of their own people without a democratic election.

It also wasn't particularly democratic to ignore several countries "NO" to the very first nation state referendums on the Lisbon Treaty, and bring it in via the back door anyway. Not to mention that all of the UK ever voted for was a single market. And on the back of that 'vote', we've been signed up to the European Court of Human Rights with no control over the majority of the laws imposed upon us, and are (were?) on a course for 'ever increasing political and fiscal union', with Germany apparently in control of pretty much everything.

This is not democracy.

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