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Thanks for that lesson 1, hammarbtyp. Quite fundamental to the understanding of the working of wise guy/wide boy governments and how they be easily destroyed from within via the exploitation of inherent zeroday vulnerabilities in the chains of controlling on demand commanding media, which of course is essential for the programming of the notion there be a need for austerity when there's never ever been so much funny money before pumped into the system to maintain and retain it and stop the crazy merry-go-round from collapsing.

Makes you wonder who's pocketing all the newly minted bank wealth, replacing it as a mounting compound interested debt charged to others, which can never be repaid by future generations ..... and in so deliberately doing, holding entire nations and populations to ransom with the cunning stunt.

There is one clear word, ...cleverly missing in this classic video clip .... which surely sums them up beautifully? .... Thanks, Mrs Merton. RIP

And why do representatives of governments elected into office allow the destabilising scam? Are they all stupid or not nearly clever enough to lead and powerless against such soft forces and sharp practices. Is democracy corrupt and perverted and rigged to have the masses administered to by intellectual weaklings and moral cowards?

Those be real worthy of revolutionary times with all manner of smart actions and cunning stunts welcome to exorcise the cancerous growth from the body politic and render the world stage with more blank canvas on which to beta deliver a Better Bigger Picture and Greater IntelAIgent Game to Play.

Capiche? Or do you need the Essential Guides and Star Chambered Workshop Manuals to proceed and succeed ....... to process success into delivering prosperity? Although I do agree that last question be a real dumb no-brainer, given all of the evidence daily given by media and wrapped up as news to be believed as true and correct, rather than false and contrived to server quite particular and peculiar hidden self interests, which are finding it nowadays increasingly difficult, if not even impossible, to hide.

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