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Michael Gove says Britain needs to create its own DARPA

David 164

As leave camp promised all of the EU savings to be devoted to the NHS, how does he (Gove )intend to replace the funding that UK scientists will lose once we leave the EU?

Considering their will be calls from farmers for the replacement of CAP, an I'm sure numerous other parties who are going to lose money from us leaving the EU, how does Gove intend to make sure UK scientists voices won't get lost amongst even more powerful lobbying groups such as Landowners and farmers in calls for replacement funding?

It already good calling for a UK version of DARPA but does he also intend to adopt it management style as well? Allowing it to be led by scientists and engineers and not by politicans.

How would the UK research councils and UKSA interact with this UK version of DARPA?

What kind of budget do you envision UK Darpa receiving on a per year basis?

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