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I supplied the "brains" for a couple of Darpa applications by USAisians a while back. The only thing which gets DARPA sponsorship is building some super duper ultra expensive "smart" weapon.

The idea of getting a couple of equations together and firing 3 cheap missiles into correct pre-computed positions to close the box on a target - forget it. If you submit a project which uses real science, namely math (optimal control and game theory) and physics instead of the super duper obscenely expensive engineering (with no science and no real research) product - it will be rejected outright.

That is for a reason - DARPA is a front to the self-feeding USA military procurement machine. If you have 3 cheap (and god forbid existing already developed) missiles doing the job of the to be developed ultra expensive supermissile - where is the pork in that?

Corollary to that is that DARPA as it is now, is definitely not to be copied by a nation which does not have USA finances to waste. Also, any expectations that DARPA will deliver anything anywhere near what it delivered in the past are a bit far fetched.

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