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I'm with them

The UN has recently cosied up to people who want to use the "condemns violations against people for expressing their views online" angle to censor people they disagree with. They define disagreement as "violence" and "harassment" in order to get opposing views banned. There is no such thing as cyberviolence.

One of the censors works for Twitter's Orwellian "trust and safety council" which is currently ok with publishing a threat of gang rape against Farage's daughter, and is happy to host a similar threat against Sarah Palin (made a few months ago), but takes down criticism of the EU's migration policy within 24 hours.

Do you notice a pattern? This is not about ending "violence" or protecting people, it's about censoring people by claiming their words are violent. Certain words are never considered violent, because they target the people Twitter hates.

They are slow to deal with death threats against republicans too. Yes, it's Breitbart. It any of the publications which campaign against "online harassment" gave a damn about harassment of men or conservatives I'd have linked the their story about it, but they don't

This is the atmosphere that makes liberals think they can beat up Trump supporters and assassinate the man himself.

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