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Re: Of course the original referendum is only "advisory" it is not legally backed.

If anyone here thinks that the referendum result will be ignored by politicians then they are both desperate and sadly deluded. To do so would invite open revolt on the streets of the UK. You gave the people a choice, they gave you their answer, tough shit if you don't like that answer - deal with it. Whether Leave or Remain won the decision of the people must be respected. Whether it is constitutionally binding or not politicians would be sparking an almighty shitstorm of epic proportions should they choose the "we don't agree with your democratic will so fuck you" route.

Now, whether the subsequent negotiation of Ts & Cs of exit turns out to be a piss-weak "meet the new rules, same as the old rules" is a different matter. I can see tax parasites from both sides of the house trying for an exit where we "have to pay for market access and allow free movement of people" but I cannot see how that tallies with a Leave vote and I suspect the public won't either. The next election could be an interesting one.

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