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Now Intel swings axe at sales, marketing peeps

Sandtitz Silver badge

"AMD is well positioned with Zen and Polaris so I hope to see some traction there."

Since Zen is unreleased we don't know whether it'll deliver. Zen has been hyped up for some time but for the last several years AMD has seriously under-performed on the CPU side. High power usage and low performance (comparable with e.g. Core i3) may not matter with consumer desktops but with portables they've been painful products. I'm used to have at least 6 hours of battery time with my i7 ULV laptop, and tablet users are accustomed to even more.

Polaris is their current GPU model and I'm not sure what you're saying since Intel has for long time delivered only "good enough" graphics. I'm actually quite happy with Intel graphics apart from poor drivers.

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