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Been lurking on El Reg for a few years, this Brexit kerfluffle finally got me to create an account.

First, congrats that you took the time to get off your ass and vote, too many places in the world don't have that choice. To those just couldn't get to the polls, just do the rest of us a favor and STFU.

From what I understand, 3 main points to this vote. Immigration throughout the EU which has no real set of controls on it. Second, laws being made and passed in Brussels which negatively affect the UK. Lastly, folks in the UK tired of Government thinking they know better how you should run your life. Is that about it?

And yes, I've been reading the various papers with all their different screaming about this or that will happen. (FWIW the @the bottom has links to papers across the world). The way the 2 sides tore into each other was actually nice. No namby-pamby back and forth. Get your base fired up. Rough and tumble politics.

Does Scotland have to wait until Britain is out of the EU before they can vote to leave? When/If they are successful, will they meet the EU criteria?

Any help would be appreciated.

In the meantime, back behind the trenchcoat lurking..

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