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You are talking about hospitals, staff are reduced because, well hospitals never make money anyway, so companies hire "hospitality management" administrators with a mission direction to reduce costs at all costs. Their understanding of medicine is limited to patients are frequently unhappy and so are their families. "Why did my dad have to wait so long for someone to help him with the bed pan?" What do?

They only hire minimum staff based on an assumption of minimum bed occupancy. Population rises, call in temps - but, temps and security badges - hmmm, maybe some sort of temporary badge, disposable perhaps? Temps need to complete (electronic) charting, meaning they need access to confidential patient records, but aren't issued passwords - "use mine" says the one full-time nurse. But that's bad practice!! Well yes, but there are now two nurses on the floor with 30 patients, and the full time nurse doesn't have time to access records for her patients AND the temp's.

I have never met a computer security staffer dealing with medical records in a hospital that understood that the issue is patients - they need to be cared for and the floor is, except for the odd blue moon day, always understaffed. Their directions on implementing security come from a management that is a complete stranger to actual health care, except occasionally for the one token doctor on the board who might not be, and would be outvoted if it comes down to bonuses or patient well being.

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