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2 hours, only 2 hours, you were in one of their efficient airports.

Going into seatac a few years back (with family... including 4 year old) we spent 11 hours in immigration... one massive queue of several jumbos and one guy... as usual reading not just the green card answers but each question in case he had forgotten.

They eventually added one more guy... but ONLY the people from the next plane were allowed to go to that queue.... the rest of us had to stay obediently in line... they have NO idea (government employees are the thickest in the world).

But, yes, we have our own hell hole airports... anyone been through Stansted recently? They moved the passport control BACK because the queues were so long... no, they didn't add more people, or faster kit, or anything, just made the queue space bigger. Thus they can get a full 4 hours worth of queue in the arrivals hall (they leave any more on the plane... ever wondered why it takes so long to get the stairs sometimes?).

The input to Stansted is also all messed up. The queues for the scanners are so so long (especially on Friday evening) that they have installed metal barriers and more queue pointers (no, they still only man upto 40% of the scanners, never any more). Of course you might say this is safer than letting anyone on the plane, but those queuing have rucksacks on, suitcases... none of which have been checked at this point. Everyone hemmed in by metal barriers and one way gates... no escape... lovely terrorist target.

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