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The fact that a photo-id is a "legal requirement" doesn't make it a smart policy that does anything beneficial. It simply makes it a policy. Besides which, anyone with a decent image editor can counterfit the badges adequately to fool the Mk 1 eyeball. Ah - you say - but the card has to be passed through a reader and that can't be fooled. True, but seven people at a door, one passes their legitimate card and all seven including the ringer pass the door. Maybe we need embedded chips? No sweat. The code can be grabbed by several different kinds of skimmers and added to a card. Does the chip have to match the image? Not really if it is all machine checked. Is that really better security, or merely an illusion that some bean-counting "security" type ignorant of the actual demands in a hospital finds comforting? The only way to clue someone in to hospital security needs and true weaknesses is to get them out in the floor answering calls, changing bed pans, and watching sheet covered forms being moved down the hall to the elevator - destined for the morgue.

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